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Are you still looking for a workout that you actually enjoy, that doesn’t take too much time, and that gives you the body you want? It’s not a mission impossible! TRX is what you might be searching for.

Strong, muscular bodies take a lot of time and training to achieve. They don’t come by magic; you won’t get them sitting on the couch, you have to be prepared to work for them. Not necessarily by spending night and day at the gym going to aerobics classes with difficult to follow step routines. There’s a new style of workout under the sun called functional training. It uses movements taken from everyday life, thus providing sufficient results through active force. Each exercise takes only 40-60 seconds, and as your pulse settles back to normal, you’re ready to go on. A session lasts for 40-50 minutes, but even 30 minutes can get you to top form. After a single session, your body will function on a higher level for nearly 48 hours, you’ll burn more calories and increase your stamina.

You won’t find these exercises boring, as you’ll use several pieces of equipment to make the workout session varied and enjoyable. TRX is one of the optional pieces of equipment, which is safe to be used by anyone, anywhere. TRX Suspension Trainer gives you a full body workout in just 25 minutes. To give you an idea of how successful TRX has become in Hungary, the MKB Veszprém handball team, the ZTE basketball team, the national water polo team, Gábor Talmácsi Motor Gp world champion and Zoltán Tóth and Gabi Bánkúti body building world champions have built it into their daily training sessions. In fact, having TRX is like having the whole gym to yourself, but you can make your workout more varied with rubber stretch bands and balls. These will also help with your after-training stretches. TRX works your circulation and skeletal muscles, thus improving your metabolism and lowering your body fat percentage. Whether you’re after an athletic physique or just want to lose weight, TRX won’t disappoint you. It challenges your deep muscles too, which give stability to your whole body. Exercising with TRX fits every fitness level, the difficulty level can be changed simply by the inclination angle of your body.

So why spend long hours at a gym when you can achieve better results in 30 minutes using TRX at home or even on holiday? No wonder TRX was voted the best new fitness equipment in the US. Try it at home, or in a number of gyms all around town. Make your body your machine!

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