written by Macy McMillin and Csaba Ágh

My passion is too Create, an environment where a message of Hope, Motivation, and Inspiration is Shared though One Life, that is Mine, in hopes to reflect upon others. – Macy McMillin

Fantastic, admirable, unbelievable…just few words from comments which were published on Facebook community site about Macy’s first video.

Macy McMillin is a unique person. I could speak about her willpower, strength, but I think no exist words which could describe that 3,23 minutes.

Why? Because Macy creates thoughts. Different thoughts for you and me. That’s why she could touch something deep inside in everybody.

I wanted to know her, so I wrote an email. I was more than happy when she said YES for the common article. It was Macy’s request that she could write the complete article. She told me it would be better to her than a simple question/answer version.

Macy’s article was really impressive. Please receive the article as affection as we wrote to you.

Macy about herself

First let me give a little background on my life.. from the time I was nearly 7 months old I was diagnosed with a condition known as Cerebral palsy which is a condition due to the lack of oxygen to the brain resulting in brain damage. There are many different Levels of severity depending on the areas most affected. Because CP is a condition and not a disease it will not progressively worsen with age nor will you see drastic change in physical ability…

My particular case of Cerebral palsy limits me in the areas of Balance, coordination, and fine motor activities such as handwriting and a few other minor areas, but as you know and probably can see, my abilities far out weight my limitations.. Growing up with two brothers and amazing parents who are always willing to support me in accomplishing all my goals has been a tremendous Blessing and together we have become a great team. Everyone has a unique gift, weather or not they choose to shine is within there hands. Being born with a disability for 21 years now I have always known that I was something special and that I was born to see the world and help others succeed.. over the last few years a have had a couple career paths in mind but I had not exactly found my niche.

From computers to Business, to personal training to now becoming a fitness motivator/ Motivational speaker, all of which share one thing in common, I Love people, and Inspiring others through my disability. Rather than using CP as a hinderance or excuse, I have decided to use it to my advantage and as a tool to inspire and Motivate others My passion is too Create, an environment where a message of Hope, Motivation, and Inspiration is Shared though One Life, that is Mine, in hopes to reflect upon others.. todays society’s view of people with disability’s is a bit off the mark, but at the same time very understandable, for fear of touching upon a sensitive subject and not Knowing how that individual will react.

To me staring reflects curiosity as opposed to being judgmental.. by becoming a motivational speaker I Hope to influence society’s perception of others in a positive way. I have managed to stay psychically active for the Majority of my life, with the help of Psychical therapist, Personal trainers and through family traditions such as, River Desert, and offroad racing. Staying physically active has had a huge impact on my life, not only psychically but also mentally.

Being able to get out of my chair and experience things I never thought I could do has been so awesome.

One of the many reasons why I have had such Great success, inside and outside the gym is my willingness to take a leap of faith and try new things. I do things because I WANT to, not because I am forced to.

That I believe is one of the biggest keys in anyones success regardless of where there passion lies. Anything is possible to a willing heart.
From a fitness standpoint I truly enjoy being involved in a fitness environment,I have been working out with various personal trainers for about five years now and my relationships with my Trainers and results from my personal workouts have been overwhelmingly positive. I am currently working out at Glaze Fitness, in San Diego where my trainer Jake Glaze has been with me for about 5 months provides an amazing uplifting workout experience, his competitive nature and passion for the industry is evident, as he is aways encouraging others to Strive for their best.

My workouts are essentially an experiment for both my trainer and I as we venture through each workout we continue to Make adaptations to make the workout fun and effective, working on things like flexibility, core strength, and ultimately endurance and strength to accomplish activities of everyday living Always with an open mind, I am ready to conquer whatever challenges or obstacles I May face. I may have a Cerebral palsy but I have yet to let my Disability become a factor in reaching my dreams. In fact if you look up the definition of a “ disability” it says, “something that is going to stop you from accomplishing something you want to” to me the greatest disability one must overcome is their mind. (to be continued…)

If you would like to know more about Macy, please visit her Facebook sites:

Macy McMillin

Macy McMillin’s Fitness Motivational Fan Page

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